Course Art Experience

Course Art Experience goes beyond a course "Painting". Of course there will be technical guidance, but guidance relating to idea formation is even more important. There is a clear link between technology, idea, style and art theory.

Art books, theories, museum visits and art discussions are basic ingredients on which practical lessons are supplemented and strengthened. The result is that every student is clearly recognizable to his style. This way of teaching is the result of years of experience and passion for the profession.

There are 4 projects in every course year:
1. Study around theme
2. Study around technique
3. Combination of theme and technique in elaborate paintings
4. End project, every year something else

Every courseyear is divided into 22 weeks, from late September to April. The lessons are given on Tuesday morning en Tuesday noon. There is a possibility to join in halfway the academic year. There will be a call in advance to determine if the vision of the course is in line with the desire of the student.

Start course year: September 26th 2017

The number of classes per year: 22.

Tuesday morning, from 9.00 AM until 12.00 AM, course fee: € 440,00 

Tuesday noon, from 13.00 PM until 16.00 PM, course fee: € 440,00 

Museum visit: November 2nd 2017 

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