For companies


1. Demand of the company chief:
Give me renewing insights that will give me a different perspective on the company vision.
Make sure that I eventually ask the right questions to accomplish goals.

2a. The continuation of this demand:
the offering of a number of choices: this is formed through art coaching.

2b. The result of art coaching offers the company chief:
By indicating an area within the original painting on the table, a visual focal point is created to experience what the starting point of the company is, and where the company wants to go. With the knowledge of descriptive art considerations, Claudia Volders connects the company situation to visual art elements. This way the painting shows possible ways to get from the starting point to the accomplishment of company goals.

In addition the following will be accomplished as well:
• Finding inspiration
• The audio-visual forming of passion
• Giving an overview of the working method
• Offering a new way of communication
• Daring to take innovative step in this new time
• Finding connections with other fields of expertise

3. The continuation hereof:
giving a concrete direction, which may or may not be within our reach. A team of diverse qualities is an addition here. Qualities of experienced people who work with changing processes. The added value here is that, by going to the process of art coaching together, we select the right people who best fit the DNA of the company.

Organisations are looking for an effective and efficient way of improving internal operating. Improving is a broad concept. It concerns the entire range of mission/vision/goal determination up until the inspiring of every individual employee. Complete libraries can be filled with tips, tricks and strategies to do so. Art coaching is a way of looking at this process differently. It can be difficult to clarify your goals to your team. When you want to start with a clear basis for all employees, art is an instrument to offer people a distinct visual starting point.