For scientists


1. Demand of the scientist:
How can I make my research results accessible for a broader audience?
I want to help humanity through my research, to start in-depth changes. How can I create space for my target group to make them more 'open' to new insights? And how do I teach my target group to think 'out-of-the-box'? Which question can I ask, apart from my routine questioning, to find inspiration instead of an answer? (Within this question is hidden: 1. Having a choice. 2. Respect for your own field of expertise. 3. Articulating emotion within this field of expertise. 4. Following the process.)

2a. The continuation of this demand:
offering different choices: this is created by art coaching.

2b. The result of art coaching offers the scientist:
• Finding inspiration
• The audio-visual forming of passion
• Giving an overview of the working method
• Offering a new way of communication
• Daring to take innovative step in this new time
• Finding connections with other fields of expertise

3. The continuation hereof:
giving a concrete direction, which may or may not be within our reach. A team of diverse qualities is an addition here. Think of designing an art project that takes audio-visual forms that represent the research results.