After spending recent years researching the differences and similarities between art and science, Claudia Volders continuously searches for a way of expressing the conflicting interests between art and science. A new way of development with which art and science complete and strengthen each other. By focusing on paintings very consciously, she aims to create an inspiring concept in the future, that can be experienced by the scientist as well as the artist.

The layers in the paintings visualize the bridge between the developments of both areas of research. The first layer of charcoal represents the complexity and quantity of our time. There is an incredible amount of detail. Sometimes you are on an island, than you are in a web, and other times you can see clear connections. Our contemporary society has a way of flooding us with information, flashes, loneliness, colourless. It is a way that came to be because technical resources have grown enormously too and perhaps even become more complex. The concept of technology and general development goes beyond our comprehension. This can be digested up to a certain point, but in the meantime connections will have to be searched for. Connections between areas of knowledge have to be made. The need to create an overview from time to time is present. The second layer represents these connections and the overview hanging above the complexity.
A contrast can be detected between natural and geometrical shapes. This contrast visualizes the differences among people's characters. The earthly and the spiritual people. Both groups will have to develop the new look on society.